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In conjunction with our sister firm Higgins Fairbairn Advisory LLP, we work with businesses to look at strategies b that will accommodate the requirements of the various stakeholders: the owners, executives, and other members of staff, plus the business itself. Tax efficiency is always at the forefront of our minds within our deliberations.

Many employers provide pensions, insurance and other benefits for employees. The problem with this approach however is that employees often receive little or no advice about how to make best use of these benefits and how they apply to the employee’s specific situation, the result is that they don’t value them as highly as they should. This often results in the employer not receiving value for money in terms of staff loyalty and goodwill.

In addition, Employers need to appraise their attitude to employee benefits in light of Government directives, tax incentives and employee pressure.

We can review and construct benefit packages that are not only affordable to you, the employer, but can be marketed to motivate and retain staff.

We are able to provide a totally outsourced service so that, even though there may be a number of benefit providers, both the employer and employees only need to deal with us.

Our service ensures all eligible members are made aware of the schemes’ attractions and their future capabilities. We can hold regular counselling “clinics” for members, new entrants and leavers, and personal consultations to cover the employee’s overall financial planning position.

We monitor the schemes so that they keep pace with legislative changes and the requirements of its members. The employer can rest assured that we will minimise their obligation to administration.

Our approach is to work on a fee basis, rebating any commission to employers and/or employees whilst ensuring that employees understand the real value of their employee benefits package through regular communications and financial education briefings. Senior employees with more complex financial arrangements can also be provided with our more comprehensive face-to-face service.

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