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We particularly enjoy working closely with our clients in helping them manage their businesses. Our involvement often starts right at the beginning where we provide advice on the appropriate structure and compliance requirements of the various regulatory authorities. However, where we really score is providing practical advice based on our professional training and many years experience.

Helping businesses grow is very rewarding. But life is not always easy and there is often a problem lurking around every corner. We recognize that running a company is time-consuming and energy-sapping. Our clients often look to us for an objective but informed perspective or for us just to act as a sounding board.

We are able to assist with the full spectrum of business planning assignments and many of the processes that need to be taken into account in any strategic planning. These include the following services:

HR consultancy
Employment legislation is complex and subject to ongoing change, yet hiring HR specialists may prove impractical or be cost-prohibitive for many SMEs. In such situations we are able to help our clients handle HR issues effectively and ensure they are compliant with all relevant legislation and best practice.

Forensic accounting
Recent years have seen an increase in the number of litigation cases involving commercial activities and personal disputes. Both are areas where specialist accounting and tax knowledge is often required to support cases and enhance the prospects of a favourable outcome.

Of course, we cannot possibly distil all our experience into this website. Instead, we will be making available a number of short think-pieces on different aspects of advice we have given. Please click here to find them.

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